Friday, March 30, 2007

Two Women to Benefit Ghost Town

Heppner, Oregon Artist Denise Smith along with Charlene Collins of Seattle, Washington will be this years honored guests at Two Women – One Ghost Town Exhibit at the You and I Framing Gallery beginning Thursday April 5 located at 214 First Street in Kennewick, Washington to benefit historical Hardman, Oregon. A reception for the artists will be held that evening from 5 pm to 9 pm and the public is invited to attend.

Hardman, Oregon, a historical ghost town, in need of renovations and a chance to keep the community viable, will benefit with a portion of the proceeds of the show. The show will contain images of the old town of Hardman. “It has a different feel to it”, says Smith. “I still utilize my special techniques on these images but it’s more historic.”

Collins, a native of Italy making her current home in Seattle, has worked primarily in watercolors most of her career. However for this show, she will be working in large Polaroid transfers. A process, like Smith’s, that is unique and different from traditional photographed images.

This particular show is based on recounts of oral history, books and the Morrow County Museum Foundation in Heppner. In its day, Hardman is said to have been two towns with a line down the center of the street and two towns on each side. Having more than 900 residents, Hardman was a part of a major freight route.

Changes and the demise of Hardman occurred with the coming of the railroad and the invention of the automobile. The Historical town still puts on a well-attended seafood and oyster feast at the community center each year during the first week of deer season. “The old Oddfellows Hall in the Community Center is the hub of this community”, says Smith. “This is why we are donating funding in hope of helping to restore this building which is very unique and full of history itself.”

Smith and Collins met a few years ago while Collins was purchasing a piece of artwork from Smith. The two women had an instant liking for one another and made plans to do a photography shoot in Hardman. Thus, the two were inspired for the show taking place in Kennewick the 5th of April.

The gallery will feature this exhibit the month of April. For more information, please visit or

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