Saturday, January 27, 2007

Business in a Box

Okay, so I've recently been approached with this question. What are the benefits of being an idependant business owner vs. the employee who works roughly 9 to 5 for a larger business corperation. I think it's an interesting question and the decision poses trade offs in both fields. If you select working for someone else (no offense but I refer to it as business in a box) you gain the security of some benefits, a wage you can count on and the potential for actual vacations. However, you give up some of your own creativity in the process in most cases. The other option is entrepreneaurship. Striking out on your own, doing something that you love, being your own boss and calling your own shots. Sounds perfect, right? The trade off here is bringing in residual business, no included benefits and vacation? What vacation? So which is better?

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