Monday, December 4, 2006

It's Not About Me

Though I easily get caught up in my excitement of the season (and if you saw my house you would know that I there is plenty of excitement) I always take time to remember those who do without so much more than I do. Through my marketing business, I have been working closely with Father Pirmin Ngolle who has spent some of his time in my parish here in NE Oregon. Father Pirmin is from Tanzania. He has been instrumental in starting Hanga Abbey. Hanga Abbey is an organization doing all it can to provide clean water to thousands who go without. Isnt that something that we so often take for granted in our lives? And yet many over there go without. I helped Father Pirmin make a site in which donations are easily made regardless of size. So I encourage you to take a moment and donate what you feel you can to give a gift that will mean so much to others.

I hope more and more of us take the time to recall that simple golden rule into our lives. Doing unto others as we'd have others doing unto us. And remembering just how much we have and how very lucky we are.

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