Monday, December 11, 2006

Blogging Is The Wave...

Since I have started this new adventure in the marketing industry, I have been doing a lot of reseach on where marketing is going and what it will become in the years ahead. Business to business (b2b) marketing and blogging are the wave of the future. Studies show that within the next two years, newspaper advertising will become less the norm of marketing your business. Mailers and flyers will become obsolete. It is a very exciting time for business owners and marketing consultants alike. For those of us who tend to be of a computer mind, our ideas that have waiting for time to catch onto will now see a reality. We can do for the businesses we market for on a much grander scale. And what a grand scale it will be. Literally the world sees no limit.

For myself, it seems that in the past I have jumped on that bandwagon in the business world as many were jumping off of mine and onto the hottest and newest thing available. This one we are all in together. I am so excited to be among those out there sharing ideas and preaching the love of the businesses and the people that I have met and hold near and dear to my own econmic progress as well as their financial well being.

I have always disliked an operation of keeping ones cards close to the vest. Of not sharing what we know for the benefit of others in fear that there could be something lost. Its such a big world. We all have so much knowledge that can help each other. And I think that blogging unifies that very concept. Sharing what we know to help one another for a better outcome for all. And isnt that what its all about?

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