Friday, December 8, 2006

Internet Shopping

Isn't it the greatest thing ever? I do support my local businesses as much as I possibly can but with a work schedule like mine, at times, the only thing to do is log on and add it to my shopping cart. Many businesses rely on people like me and their businesses are just as vital to them as the darling bookstore up the street. I don't mean the's of the world but I mean the mom and pop websites that truly have a great product to share. Or the art gallery that gets very slow in the winter months. If you own one of these businesses and you need a shot in the arm, consider business to business (b2b) marketing. Its what is coming. Statistics show that by the year 2008 business with dramatically reduce the amount of newspaper advertising that they do and direct mailings will practicially fall off of the charts. B2B Marketing will the way small internet businesses work together to provide growth. If you want to know how this can benefit your small internet business, email me and we can discuss your options. Wouldn't it be great to be one of the first utilizing a new marketing trend rather than playing catch up once everyone else is already on board?

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