Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Joy's of QVC

I just got one of the funnest birthday presents I have received in a long time. I got QVC gift cards. I'm serious! Now there is a story that goes along with that. You see, I'm a total QVC tramp. I watch QVC all the time when there is nothing else on when I want to watch or just something to watch when I can not sleep. I play a little game with myself called "buy it or not buy it". In this game, I announce that if I could I would either chose to purchase or not to purchase that item. But I never really do it.

Also, I am not one to spend money on myself. I just don't. When you have kids and there is nothing you truly need, you just don't. At least not often. So in more financially challenging times when my satallite dish was a luxury, I only received a hand full of channels and one of them was QVC. So you know what was always on. My friend noticed this and found humor in it so for my birthday I got QVC cards.

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun this has been. First of all, the sheer humor of the gift itself. Then, the ability to keep them in my nightstand for when I see that, "I'd buy that" item. But today I also rediscovered QVC online. And guess what? If you order today, they still guarentee shipping by Christmas!

I got some badly needed new sheets. The combed jersey kind that will keep me and Isobel the Wonder Corgi warm in this cold weather. I also got a little gingerbread house (I collect Christmas Gingerbread things) that melts little good-smelly thingy's in sugar cookie and gingerbread smells (you have no idea how exciting that is for me)! And I got Philosophy Body Washes in Apple Cider, Hot Cocoa and Vanilla Wafer! NERVANA!!!! Oh yes, oh yes, I am set for the long winter!

When I thanked my dear friend for the gift...I mentioned what a monster she has likely created. Not only the joy of frivilously spending money on oneself, but to order something so fun and have it delived to my doorstep in time to enjoy for Christmas....well...I think I may have to breathe into a paper bag just to calm myself down again! No. I mean it. What could be a better gift than that! It's the lottery, BABY!!!

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