Friday, December 5, 2008

Cynical Season?

Every year I get a little more concerned about Christmas. I went to download a Christmas graphic for my cell phone. What I found was pin up girls covered with nothing but a candy cane and other less tasteful choices. I finally found a harmless Thomas Kincade scene and I haven't ventured back since. When I complained to my son, he told me that I am not that norm. That what I found is what Christmas is for most people. Someone please tell me that's not true.

Or is it a sign of the times? Christmas was so magical for me. I don't know that my parents worked that hard at it but it just was. I worked very hard to keep the magic alive for my kids. So much so that the anxiety each year that someone would "spoil" it for them would unnerve me. But today? I constantly hear ads on the radio and television that dash the magic for kids. And maybe a child doesn't see it the way I do. I hold on to that thought.

I'm a Christmas puritan and I love the classics. And as I have begun to bring them out, the message often follows how I feel making me wonder if this is just the Christmas spiritual crisis of my time.

In watching Miracle on 34th Street (the original, of course), Kris Kringle states that convincing Mrs. Walker and Susan that there is a Santa Claus is his last hope to save the spirit of Christmas or he's through. In the end of course, Mrs. Walker tells her daughter that faith is believing when common sense tells you not too. Christmas saved again.

Don't laugh but one of my all time favorites is Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I watched that tonight and and the messages in it are so pure and beautiful. Do you know that some channels now edit out the darling scene where he sings to the children while passing out toys? A negative sign of the times. It's the message at the end that moves me nearly to tears when in the little cartoon they show the cynics stating that Christmas should be outlawed and how can people think of Christmas when there is so much unhappiness in the world. The message then goes on to say that yes, there is unhappiness but if we all were a little more like Santa and gave of our time, gifts and talents then maybe there truly would be peace on earth. I agree.

In this magical time, I am always reminded of just that. If we can all keep the magic going just a little longer. If we could all be as charitable througout the year as we are at Christmas, think of the difference that could make in the world.

And Virgina, let's keep glad the heart of childhood.

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