Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Can't Take It....

She learned about 3 things and she learned them well. In case you didn't notice, whenever Palin got in over her pretty little head she went back to what she knew and had engraved in to a T.

In watching the debate in comes down to one thing and it WAS asked. Who would you rather have in the White House if the unthinkable did indeed occur. Bringing up things such as "we need a little more of Wasilla Street in Washington DC " The first thing that came to my mind was flashing back to Jimmy Carter's only too public brother Billy. Relying on Reagan's old "there you go again" ... nothing about her is original. Nothing about what she had to say explained any plan by this Republican ticket. The entire election for the Republican party is based on what they can derogitorily say about the opposition rather than what this ticket stands for. Nothing changed in this debate.

If she said "soccer mom" or "maverick" one more time anyone could have put together a good drinking game with those buzz words. I am a soccer mom. I live in a rural community. I struggle to put food on the table from time to time. I do not make the income Sarah Palin makes. I will vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. If the unthinkable were to happen, I would grieve my heart out and then I would also rest assured knowing that my country had someone in the White House who had experience and integrity and the know how to run this country. With their respective ticket nominees in the house, they each have their own stances. But when you look at the VP candidacy, you have to look at not only what they bring to the table but what they are a heart beat away from.

I am so proud of Joe Biden for answering the questions and particularly for addressing Palin's repeated "maverick" statement. I don't capitalize that because it doesn't warrant it. He is not a maverick for the people and not for anything that has mattered to the American people. The smear campaign that the McCain Palin ticket runs on is a desperate cry for power and to continue with W politics that have gotten this country nowhere but further behind in the things that matter to the American people.

After than this debate more than any other time the lines have firmly been drawn. Based on the FACTS....the have to vote for the change that will do the most good.

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