Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Have a Noise Pollution Solution

Now that I work in a Med Spa, finding the right mix of music that is relaxing and commercial free even on satallite radio can be a mission. A friend of mine has now released a composition of natural sounds that is second to none. It is designed to keep out the disruptive noises that filter into our home and offices and provide you with a much more calming environment for wherever you are.

I was so impressed with Soniscape that I have talked to my friends in noisy neighborhoods who have children who nap, day care providers, professional offices and encouraged them to add this to their background rather than radio which at times can be inappropriate for a business.

Here is what composer Brett Houston has to say about this product:

"SoniScape is a "natural-sound" composition designed to mask out disruptive noises while creating a sedate, calming effect; providing a peaceful background for living, working and sleeping.
SoniScape functions similar to "white noise" generators or "noise-canceling" devices. However, SoniScape works more effectively, is enjoyable to listen to and is much more affordable. And, since it comes on a CD or MP3 you can take it anywhere.

SoniScape sounds great but it is not just another pretty sounding nature CD. SoniScape is engineered with a unique “Sound Wall” track, which is comprised of multiple tuned layers of natural sounds. This allows SoniScape to cover the entire audible frequency range, from the lowest thumping bass to the highest screaching car alarm, and serve as a total sound mask to not allow other disruptive sounds to pass through; providing you with a serene, natural background. It also works the other way around, if you are in an environment/profession where your conversations need to be kept private, SoniScape can help protect your secrets from curious ears."

For more information how you can purchase either a disk or download an MP3 of your own, please visit http://www.noisepollutionsolution.com/.

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