Sunday, October 5, 2008

And Pittsburgh!

How 'bout those Steelers! Once again with an amazing game that went to the wire, my Steelers have pulled out yet another win despite being riddled with injuries. I am a firm believer that as Ben goes, so go my Steelers. When Big Ben pulls the numbers, this team seems unstoppable. One thing that I did notice tonight however was the absurd amount of taunting calls.

Well two but the two that their were seemed ridiculous. If you recall, several years ago they started calling the NFL the NO FUN LEAGUE. I think they are almost on the brink of that one again. The original no fun league started when celebrating in the end zone and "sack dances" became a so called problem. No fun was longer allowed in the end zone and then the league seemed to lighten up on that a little.

Tonight a Jag got called for a 15 yard taunting penalty for saying something over a Steeler receiver after making the catch. Good for us but I had a hard time imagining what could have been said in the NFL that would warrant a penalty like that. Trash talking goes to the extreme but I didn't see the point for the call. Later in the same game, Nate Washington got called for taunting when after making a catch on the Jag sideline, showed the ball to the Jags and went about his way. Again....15 yards.

Hmmmm....Now in a game where you get penalized 15 yards for grabbing some poor sucker by the face mask and yanking his head around 90 degrees I guess I feel like talking a little smack might not warrant the same punishment. Maybe making the crime fit the punishment seems a little more appropriate. Call his mother. Make him serve in a soup kitchen or maybe make the offender take a grammar class or a lesson in charm school but I'm thinking a 15 yard penalty puts the NFL at risk of once again becoming the No Fun League.

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