Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Swarovski Crystal Collectors Wanted!

Every once in awhile, someone crosses your path who just needs a little help. I had the priviledge of meeting a lovely lady this evening who needed just such a thing.

My new dear friend has what I have learned to be an extensive collection of Swarovski Crystal figurines. Upon doing a little research myself, I have learned that her pieces are worth anywhere from $800 to over $4,320 for the piece I show here on my site. Many of these pieces are retired or discontinued and nearly priceless in value.

Her concern is simply to have these pieces land in the hands of someone who collects or will appreciate each piece. She is in her golden years and has no one to leave these pieces to. Living in a rural area, the ability to sell such pieces and obtain their value is nearly impossible and, understandably, she is not willing to ship her pieces away without knowing where they are going or without have a tangible transaction in hand.

She is willing to sell by the piece, collection or series. If you are a collector or know someone who is, please email your information to me at and I will pass it on to my new friend. She will contact you directly.

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