Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year to You All

Happy New Year! I don't know about you all but I am ready to kiss 2007 good-bye and I am sooo ready for 2008. This will be my year. I can tell. I have more opportunities at my feet than I have ever had. I paid the price of learning lessons the hard way and my kids are turning out to be wonderful people. Yes, it's time that my life begin to excel and I know this will be the year that it all comes together.

In my new job with Primary Residential Mortgage/Lending Tree, I am not seeing the real estate slump in the Pacific Northwest that I am constantly hearing about on the news. I am seeing a large request for home loan information for such an unpopular home buying season. I am taking this as good news for my new sideline and am looking forward to assisting you (if you live in Oregon or Washington) in getting the best deal possible for your new home purchase.

I continue to receive requests for web design through About Time Internet Marketing, LLC and now that I am working with the Joomla! system, I am able to provide dynamic, professional web designs that include hosting, domain and an email bundle at affordable prices.

I continue with PR for the Latimer Group and look forward to a busy season with them as well. I am currently freelancing on an event I will be telling you about shortly with CoCommunicationsPR.

My son and I met with a holistic healer yesterday and meditation will be on the to do list on a daily basis. Once I get my internal energies firing on all signals, then my external energies will provide well for me.

Yes, it will be a great year. I will not temp fate. I will (and am) be grateful for every morsel of well being that comes my way. My New Years Resolution? Be happy and have fun! What a great year it will be! Digg!

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