Thursday, December 6, 2007

Media - Stop Glamorizing Killers

Unbelievable. Once again some sicko has open fire on a group of defenseless innocent people. And again, his name and photograph are all over the news stations.

When is the media going to figure out that by doing this, it only encourages more violence? The killer said in his apparent suicide note that at least now he would be famous. Of course. And he is. By making that statement it reinforces that this killer has seen other murderers get their moment of fame after their killing sprees and subsequent suicides. Now my question to you is would he have been so willing to commit the crimes he committed if the media hadn't so glorified his predecessors?

I even heard this recent killer described on the radio as "a lost puppy that no one wanted". I couldn't believe my ears. This "lost puppy" opened fire yesterday on a group of unsuspecting citizens changing the lives of their families forever and inciting fear into countless others who will now be looking over their shoulders as they shop this holiday season. He has again robbed this country of it's innocence and by his constant new found fame through the national media, instilling the glory of his actions on yet another "lost puppy" in society to entertain thoughts of doing the same. Sickening.

I am begging the media to take his photos off the air. Stop reciting his name. Focus on the lives that are now forever changed by his selfish, horrific, indescribably ill mind. He is not a hero. He is not to be pitied. He is not a celebrity. All the facts are there. He would not have done what he did if did not think it would lead to notoriety. These random (or not so random) acts of violence on our innocent will not end until we stop glamorizing these sick, disturbed criminals. Get them off the air. Digg!

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