Sunday, September 28, 2008

Starting Over...Again

Hello blog fans. I apologize to the few of you who check into my blog on a regular basis. My time had to be spent on building a career that ended up being unbuildable in the environment that it existed. Once that realization came to the surface, the next few days were spent in shear panic and despair. However, I'm back and the lessons that have been learned I hope to pass on to you all. The wonderful things in my life remain. And the newly gained appreciation of them has been invaluable.

The biggest lesson that I can share with you all today is to search for happiness. Above all in the misguided society and at a time when the economy has us all hanging on a little too long to thoughts of prosperity and wealth search out HAPPY.

For if we search out happy then the rest will come. For with happy comes all you need. It may not always be all you want, but in these times, its alright to just search out for what you need. And if we can find happiness in that. Then you will find you may just be truly happy. So I will have more for you in the days that follow. And you may see my blog undergo some changes such as the name and some other things. And you may notice at times the focus may jump from politics to just some spiritual sharing. I hope you'll check in. Let me know your thoughts.

Happy Autumn!

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