Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Today I just got angry. I have not been a Hillary hater. But I have clearly not been a Billary supporter either. I was a big Edwards fan and those of you who have followed my blog know this. But since his dismissal I've fallen back on a favorite since the last Democratic convention. My only fear was whether or not this was his time.

I am now convinced that it is. The only thing that could make me happier is if he chose John Edwards as his running mate, something I am told will likely never happen. Heaven help you all if it does because I will become insufferable!

Back to Billary. She's been caught in some unfortunate lies and actions that have painted her in a less than perfect light. I've been told since I was a kid that if it walks like a duck, talk likes a duck, chances are, it's a duck. And now, her desire for sheer limelight is just beginning to agrivate me.

Some say she's lining herself up in the event that Obama does badly or to unseat McCain in 12. Whatever the reason, say goodnight already, IRENE! Staying in the race can only paint her in a negative light at this point. It's like the kareoke person who won't sit down, the bad comedian who keeps telling the same sad jokes over and over again and if it were the Gong Show I would have reached for the hammer a month ago. Once she saw after the last big delegate day that her hopes were imminently dashed, grace says she should have taken her final bow.

Now, today I have to ask myself....If she cannot unify her own party at this point, what makes anyone think she can unify this country? I would have far more respect for her and give her a harder look in 2012, if it were warranted, if she handled herself in a manner that gave me reason to do so. At this point, she is Uncle Sal who stays too long after Thanksgiving dinner to the point where you roll your eyes, offer to drive him home and do whatever it takes for him to end his overstated welcome.

The reasonable thing for her to do is bow out, support her candidate, back him with all her might, tell the truth and put herself in a good place to run again in 8 years when Obama has finished his term. If she were willing to so, I'm betting he would repay the favor and back her whole heartedly.

Come on Hillary. Do what's best for your party to support it and stop expecting it to support you. In doing so, you may just give yourself another chance.

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