Thursday, May 8, 2008

Unhealthy Life

Has anyone noticed how unhealthy life has become? Lets think about it.

We as a whole society are working more and making less. We work in toxic environments under florescent lighting and stale air. Our homes may be the same. We wake up each day not as rested as we would like to be and often times we try to stretch the kinks out of our backs. Even the foods we eat are not as healthy for us. I noticed grocery shopping yesterday that my cart was full of freezer ready dinners. I felt sad for how little I have time to cook these days. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not as good for us as they once were due to pollutants in the air and ground. Depressed yet? How about this...

I had a conversation with a friend the other night who said she has learned through a cancer work shop that to prevent the disease you have eat 1 lb. of fresh fruits and vegetables a day. One whole pound! Every try to do that? It's not easy. In fact, we joked wondering if ketchup with our french fries and the pickle in the tarter sauce we used to dip our fried fish and chips in counted. And lets not even get in the weight of society. That is discussed to death. Literally.

So now what. After Grey's Anatomy last week the phrase stuck in my head..."Be the change you want to see in the world"..... Ghandi I believe? But it's so true. Life is unhealthy. Stress, life, work, kids...the list goes on and on. So how do we be the change? Look around and tell me what you see.

Is there balance in your life? Are you healthy? Financially stable? Do you get enough rest? Do you have enough leisure time? Do you feel as good as you would like to? After years of promoting USANA to you, I now have something that delivers the full spectrum of health and wellness. If you haven't yet heard of NIKKEN, I suggest you look into it.

NIKKEN offers not only strong nutritional supplements but completley utilizes magnets in treating various ailments and discomforts of the body with amazing results. NIKKEN also promotes healthy living in your environment from top of the line air filters, water and shower filtration systems.

NIKKEN thinks of our four legged friends as well with joint supplements and bedding for you pets. Also, and htis was huge for me, there is a whole philosophy behind NIKKEN products and our equine friends. I have only begun to study that one and I'll keep you posted.

What I am loving is that as I talk about this, I have received tremendous positive response. And when I find someone who knows the products, even if they are not a distributor, the have continued to use the products for years and swear by them. I have even met a woman who feels her use of NIKKEN environmental and health products may have cured her cancer. I have another friend who wraps magnets on her horses and it aleviates any discomfort her horse may be experiencing.

I've only just begun folks but I will be sharing more of this wonderful product with you from time to time. If you want to know more or if I can assist you beginning a healthy life, please call me. 541.786.1613.

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