Monday, February 26, 2007

And The Oscar Goes To....

Well another exciting Oscar night is now behind us. These event can often hold so much more for us that cocktails, rented tuxes and great food, though I did partake in plenty of that last night as well. Don't forget to use opportunities like these to network your business. Never leave home without a stack of business cards and something great to tell about your business. Network, network, network! People are often interested in what is new with your life and instead of saying the usual, "Oh nothing" can get that glimmer in your eye and embark on this new business you have just began and the greatest thing about it fill in the blank. But pass your enthusiasm and your passion on for whatever it is that you have just embarked upon. Or the new idea to your old business. Whatever inspires you, let it inspire those around you. They will feel it. And when they find they have a need for your services, or meet someone who does, you'll come to mind first. And, as with the marketing business, maybe they didnt' know they needed your services. And now you have given them reason to look at your business in a whole new way. Now back to the movies. I heard today on CNN that the billionth movie had been sent out by NetFlix. The title? The Departed. If you haven't seen this years winners yet, I recommend you sign up for this today. I know I will. It's too good!

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