Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When the World Gives You Lemons...

Manifesting is something that's been new to me in this past year. It's true that they say people pray more when times are tough and they are up against a wall. We will try anything. Beg, plead and borrow to get out of whatever jam we have currently got ourselves into. That deserves some ephasis. Whatever jam we have gotten ourselves into.

It was just one of these situations I found myself in this time last year. I got a hold of a book at a used book store called "Ask and It Is Given". Okay. I'll be honest. I got the book awhile ago. But circumstances being what they were, I finally got it out. Being honest again, a little churchy for me. The beginning has the biggest skeptic cringing just a bit as to whether or not this is even possible. But as you go through the book and they talk more and more about manifesting your future, I found many jewels inside that I could use in my every day life. It even gives you different scenarios to focus on for different situations in your life.

One of the best jewels I received from this book is not to focus on money but rather focus on what money brings to you. In my particular case (and many others), money brings security. So in my meditations, rather than ask for money, I would envision what security would feel like. A warm house, food in the refridgerator, reliable get the idea. It works!

This book also states that for a manifestion to take hold in the universe, it needs to be a steady vision for at least 90 seconds. This really is harder than you think it is. To hold one thought in your mind without distraction for 90 seconds. I'm getting better at it but it's not easy. Again, it works.

Also, you need to know that the Universe has a sense of humor. You need to be very specific in your requests. For example, you may not want to envision a new car without adding that you would like that new car without the old one being wrecked, stolen or (worse yet) reposessed.

Another thing is that we as humans tend to focus on the negative. I don't know why. Negative thoughts creep in all the time. We can't help ourselves. But the next time one of those negative thoughts enters your mind, make sure you let the Universe know that that is NOT the outcome you desire.

And always, always end your manifesting and meditating with gratitude. Gratitude is the key. Without it, you cannot expect the Universe to give you more. And give it time. And trust. Put the wheels in motion. Do your part and watch it all unfold. What a beautiful thing.

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