Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good-bye Gingerbread ~ Hello Crafts

One of the corners in my house is now empty. I hate that. Putting up Christmas trees is always much more fun than taking them down. We love the pretty right out of them around here. When they do come down, they are closed up and crunchy making a pine needle mess from their temporary home to the front lawn.

It’s the first step. Now begins the phase of taking one thing down a day leaving the snowmen for last. I can’t take it down if it makes me sad. Gingerbread tree came down first as it was absolutely necessary. So how does one (who is known as Christmas Christy) begin to wean herself off of the holiday? Here is what I have discovered works for me.

Each year I am often a little disappointed in the lack of homemade items I have contributed to the season. January and February are great opportunities to begin those craft items I’m not in the mood to do in the spring and summer and do not have the time to begin in the fall. Perfect! Out come the craft books, the sewing machine and organizing the craft box which is no easy feat in itself.

This years project? Santa horse blankets! You’ll be able to buy them on Etsy once I have them completed! I’ll let you know when. Also more crocheting! My issue with beginning to crochet again is the last time I did a lot of it, the joints in my hands didn’t get sore and I could see. So even with the new challenge, it’s a great little night time project. What else, what else? Any suggestions for me? Keep in mind the gratification needs to come fairly swiftly as my craft kit is full of unfinished counted cross stitch projects.

Sources of inspiration are everywhere and winters here are long. I am keeping my mind open to the possibilities and as you all know, I will keep you posted.

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