Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meditation ~ Easier Than You Think

My daughter was just home over Christmas. What a perfect and wonderful Christmas it was. With one exception. My daughter was battling gall bladder issues that left her feeling less than 100% to fully enjoy her Christmas. As she is only 22 and not at all overweight it wasn't hard to conclude that the enourmous amounts of stress in her life had begun to take its toll on her young body. When I brought up the subject of meditation, you can imagine it was met with a great deal of resistance. Such is why we are where we are.

I spent time with her head on a pillow in my lap. I encouraged her to breathe deeply through her abdomen, making sure to relax her belly, shoulders and jaw. I felt tension melt off of her. I asked her to open her palms to be receptive the gifts and guidence the universe had to provide for her. All the while I placed emphasis on the pressure points in her back and neck.

Breathe in the good .... good health...good feelings....peace....

Breathe out the bad....bosses....stress...too much to do.....money...

Breathe in the good...love....balance...harmony....security....

Breathe out the bad... school...pressure...fatigue...bills...

It wasn't long before we had a wave of tears. Release. Letting all that had built up just slide away and to be glad for it's departure.

Manifesting. The envisioning of health and wellness in her body and what that would feel like. What substantial rest and cognitive thought could feel like. Feeling freedom and air in her lungs. Feeling her body without pain. And visualizing what that looked like on her and how it felt. Maintaining that vision for over a minute and another release. Another wave of tears. Good girl. Very good. Progress.

Then a yawn came. Then another. Smiles through tears from her mother. Peace was coming and release of the bad had occured.

Gratitude. Visualize at least three things that you are greatful for. Thank the universe for these gifts in your life. Keep breathing.

Five minutes. One minute. Half and hour. Breathe. Visualize. Gratitude. There doesn't have to be fanfare. There doesn't have to be incense or candles or chants. *In my best Seinfeld* Though there is nothing wrong with that, the overstressed can often feel intimidated by it. Feeling like they have to create an atmosphere to be worthy of meditation before they can do it. Not so.

In fact, in that realm of thought, you do yourself more harm than good by denying yourself the breath and benefits a simple five minutes in a chair with limited distraction can do for you. Identifying blocked chakras and releasing them is possible in the most stubborn host bodies in humble surroundings. My own daughter even realized her throat felt lumpy. Well we released that blocked chakra right now. But in being still she was able to identify that.

My daughter said meditation was never her thing for the very reason that she just didn't have the time. People she knew who practiced this lifestyle would go to weekend retreats and meditate for days and hours and fast. This was not for her. But three days of a few minutes of breathing, manifesting and gratitude made a huge difference in how she felt and looked.

Myself, I notice a huge difference in my day if I can spend a few moments at this in the morning before I begin my day. Stress happens. Can't always change that. But if I take this time for myself, it significantly changes how I deal with what comes my way during the day.

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