Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Care, Share and Give a Pair!

Break the Chain® Apparel (BTC) has teamed up with Hannah’s Socks to bring new socks to shelters in Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky. The companies formed an alliance through the micro-blogging phenomenon called Twitter. BTC and Hannah’s Socks have the mutual mission to help those in need. BTC recognized an opportunity in Hannah’s Socks and will now donate $3 (the approx. value of a pair of socks) for every t-shirt ordered from these three states until Dec. 31, 2009.

BTC works toward ending domestic violence, abuse and other social issues by producing Clothing with a Voice®, clothing that “speaks against the unspeakable” so the person wearing it can make a statement without saying a word. Displaying such messages as Make a Stand Against an Angry Hand and End Hunger Now, BTC creates a voice for social change.

BTC founder Tammi Burns is thrilled to have this opportunity to give back to Hannah’s Socks. “By purchasing one of these t-shirts this holiday season, you will ensure a pair of socks goes to one of these Midwestern shelters for the winter ahead,” says Burns. Burns was also touched by the video about Hannah’s story. “It really makes you think about the small things we can do for each other.”

To see a full selection of t-shirts that are available, please visit If you are interested in participating in this program but live outside Ohio, Kentucky or Michigan send an email order to and $3 will be donated to Hannah’s Socks.

About Break the Chain® Apparel
Break the Chain® Apparel was founded in 2006 by domestic violence survivor Tammi Burns. Tammi formed a team of people who aspired to make positive changes in the lives of others by creating “clothing with a voice,” clothing with messages that would inspire social change. Tammi’s vision is twofold: to use apparel as a tool to help fund social programs, and to inspire change by making messages against violence and addiction in-style. “These messages speak so you don’t have to,” says Tammi. “It allows the person wearing the clothing to speak out while remaining non-invasive.” For more information, visit or call CEO Tammi Burns at 503.859.5555.

About Hannah’s Socks
Hannah's Socks is a non-profit organization focused on providing clothing necessities to the less fortunate in Toledo, Ohio; Cincinnati, Ohio; and their neighboring communities. Hannah's Socks collects donated materials in the form of men's, women's and children's socks and undergarments, then leverages partnerships with local shelters for distribution to both the homeless and to victims of domestic violence. In addition, we support programs serving under-privileged children. Hannah's Socks firmly believes that in a country as prosperous as the United States, no man, woman or child should want for something as basic as a warm pair of socks.

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