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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence
gloMinerals vs. Other Mineral Make Up Lines


All gloMinerals products contain and exclusive blend of antioxidants that offers added protection against environmental conditions and stresses.
o Vitamin C – an antioxidant to reverse free-radical damage and strengthen the immune response to antigens
o Vitamin A – an antioxidant that conditions the skin keeping it soft and supple
o Vitamin K – an antioxidant with calming and anti-inflammatory properties
o Vitamine E – an antioxidant that delivers moisture binding benefits and promotes skin healing
o Green Tea Extract – anti-inflammatory and antibacterial

Each product in the gloMinerals product line is talc-free. Each product also offers broadspectrum UV and antioxidant protection.

gloMinerals is a professional make up line sold only through skincare professionals. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, spas and medi-spas are the primary retail outlets.

gloMinerals utilizes micronized, triple milled particles. This means minerals will:
o Lay smoother on the skin
o Feel silkier when touched
o Provide continuous coverage
o Show less shine and/or sheen on the skin

Triple milled mineral particles will not be absorbed into the skin, but rather lay smoothly on the skin’s surface.

gloMinerals delivers a semi-matte finish that works perfectly for photography and HDTV.

gloMinerals is cruelty free.

Popular Mineral Make Up Product A

Mineral Make Up A does not contain skin care benefits. No vitamins and/or antioxidants are added to their make up formulas. It will not improve the health and condition of the skin.

Mineral Make Up A claims that their product is talc-free, oil free, fragrance free, paraben free and contain SPF 15. However, only 5 products of their collection are actually paraben free. They claim not to need preservatives in their products.

Mineral Make Up A is sold on a televised shopping network and is the #1 selling beauty informercial product. They are retailed through their own standalone stores as well as department stores, making them classified as mass-market, and not a professional line.

The size of Mineral Make Up A particles are 10 microns or higher. This is a larger particle that does not lay as smoothly on the skin or look natural like gloMinerals. Mineral Make Up A says they don’t want their mineral broken down any smaller because it will be absorbed into the skin. Nano-technology is the only size of minerals that can be absorbed into the skin.

The larger particle size of Mineral Make Up A results in a higher sheen and added shine. This means it delivers a less desirable finish for photography and HDTV.

For more information on how you can benefit from gloMinerals and other gloProfessional products, visit or call 541.963.3772.

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