Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Just Don't Get It

A lot of attention has recently come up regarding unfortunate comments made by Jesse Jackson. When it read things like this, it never fails to shock me. I guess the wagon left me behind because I don't see this campaign as a "black man" running as much as I see what he stands for and what he can do for our country.

Yes, I'm excited that we are on the threshold of electing our first African/American president but I am far more consumed by what he stands for and how the changes he is set to make will influence not only this nation but rather the world. I really, really wish people could get on THAT wagon and stop dropping the race card.

Someone once told me that there are African Amercians and there are *that degrogitory word that I won't even type* and there are white people and there is white trash or . Why must good and evil be segrigated? Why can't we simply acknowledge that there are now and always will be good and bad in this world and stop lumping them into racial divides?

Barack Obama is a man who can lead this free country and make some positive changes. Can't we start to LISTEN to him rather than just LOOKING at him?

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